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Editors' note: This review was updated on October 24, to cover features added in the latest version. Facebook 5. It has better performance and more features than just checking Facebook on Internet Explorer on your Windows Phone. The app was developed by Microsoft, not Facebook, during a beta program to build a native Facebook app for Windows Phone that Microsoft launched in April Microsoft deserves credit for building a Facebook app that runs well and incorporates the core Facebook features, but since the app doesn't hail from Facebook, it's missing several advanced options found in the official apps.

Facebook Beta for Windows Phone - Download

It doesn't have group messaging, the App Center, games, Offers, Gifts which sends presents to friends , Chat Heads, stickers in chat, or even sponsored stories and promoted pages. There's also no third-party app integration, meaning the app can't sign you into other apps on your Windows Phone that have a Facebook log-in. But what the app lacks in official features, it makes up for in beautiful design and solid performance. Design Facebook for Windows Phone looks a lot like its iOS and Android counterparts, with a nearly identical News Feed, chat menu, and left-side navigation bar.

Earlier beta versions of Microsoft's Facebook app used the Metro design, which had slide-scrolling menus that switched from News Feed to your profile, and more. The first official release of the app incorporates Microsoft's blocky aesthetic, with sharp corners, vibrant colors, and flat icons. That's a significant difference from the Facebook apps on iOS and Android, both of which have a 3D look and muted colors.

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News Feed and sharing The default view on the app is your News Feed. If you've used Facebook on a mobile browser , iOS, or Android, the experience is nearly the same. You can filter posts from you friends, pages you like, and people you follow by most recent or top posts those that are getting the most attention from others by sliding to the right and tapping a button below your name. There are three small buttons just below the notification bar where you can post a new status update, add a photo, or check in to a location.

You can like, comment on, and share posts, just as you would on other Facebook apps and the Web. In the latest update, released in October , Microsoft addressed a few missing features from previous version of the app. First, you can now upload more than one photo at a time. Second, you can tag someone in a comment or status. Lastly, you can control who can see your photos, status updates, and check-ins, be it your friends, a specific set of Facebook users, or anyone who follows your public posts. Unfortunately, the app still won't show a preview of an article or website when you share a link.

The link will just post as a status update with a URL, which is disappointing.

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You also can't share links directly to the app from Internet Explorer on your phone, which you can do on Android. Just like on Android and iOS, your News Feed on the Windows Phone app will automatically refresh when you or one of your friends posts something new.

Facebook Messenger (for Windows Phone)

The newest version of the app adds a small arrow button on the right side which tells you how many new stories are at the top of your news feed. If you tap the arrow, the app will jump to the latest update. That feature is also available in the other apps. Getting around the app Sliding to the right anywhere in the app reveals a navigation bar with options for your profile, messages, events, settings, groups, friends lists, and apps. Your most recent status will show up under your name in the sidebar, a nice design feature you won't find in other Facebook apps.

If you slide to the left in the app, you'll find the chat menu. Familiar user interface. Facebook Beta is a little easier to get around than the existing Facebook app for Windows Phone. The user interface is much more common to the iOS and Android versions so if you're familiar with those you'll be able to pick up and start using Facebook Beta without too much bother. The options menu and chat windows pop out from either side of the screen so you don't have to swipe across and go hunting for the option or contact you want.

Style and substance. Facebook Beta looks a lot more modern and stylish than the standard version.

Facebook Messenger (for Windows Phone)

Although it appears more like other mobile versions of the Facebook app, it retains the 'flat' feel of the Windows Phone UI, making it easy on the eye. The app seems much faster to load than the previous version, and you seemingly are no longer confronted with that awful 'resuming' screen when restarting the Facebook Beta app. Although performance seems OK, Facebook Beta is a development so of course you'll notice some strange behavior patchy toast notifications and live tile updating are examples. The verdict.

Facebook app for Windows 10

The design is easier on the eye, and the new features are genuinely useful. If Microsoft can iron out some of the performance and stability issues, this could one day become the best Facebook app for mobile. The latest version includes updated design, improved performance, video upload, support for additional languages, messenger support and post detail page.

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View full description. Softonic review Facebook Beta is a test version of Microsoft's Facebook app for Windows Phone that allows users to get early access to new features that the company wants to include in the next release. Features that set it apart from iOS and Android Advertisement.

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