Iphone 5c phone call volume

7 Solutions to Fix iPhone Low Call Volume Problem

Ensure the microphone on the bottom of the iPhone is not obstructed during a call. The iPhone does not feature many physical buttons, as its main form of user input is its touch screen. Two volume controls on the side of the device increase and decrease the audio level. These are dynamic buttons that control the volume depending on the current operation the iPhone is performing.

For example, if you are playing a game, the volume buttons will adjust the game's audio output. If you are wearing headphones or talking to someone in a call, the volume buttons are used to make the call volume quieter or louder. Tap the "Answer" button to receive an incoming call, or select a recipient from the iPhone's Contacts application to initiate a phone call. Hold the iPhone in your right hand, and positing your index finger on the "Volume Up" button -- which is marked with a plus sign -- before lifting the iPhone to your right ear.

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Press the Volume Up button repeatedly during the call to increase the speaker's volume. Spanner Spencer has been writing since for a variety of print and online publications.

7 Solutions to Fix iPhone Low Call Volume Problem

Focusing on entertainment, gaming and technology, his work has been published by Eurogamer. Spencer is a qualified medical electronics engineer with a Business and Technology Education Council certificate in technical writing from Huddersfield Technical College. Skip to main content. Posted on May 7, 9: Aug 4, 7: Page content loaded.

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May 10, 7: That doesn't sound too good! I see you have already taken most of the troubleshooting steps necessary.

Part 1. If iPhone Call Volume Gets Low after iOS 12 Update

Let's proceed to the last few steps:. Can't hear through the receiver or speakers.

You can follow these resources for information on backing up and restoring. For hardware issues, we will want to restore your device as new for testing purposes isolation. Jan 30, 3: Jun 5, I restored my phone as a new setup and that did not work. So then I tried your language and hearing aide suggestion, and it freaking worked!!! I tried the hearing aide setting first, and got nothing. Then I did the language setting and it worked. After that, I thought I would try without the hearing aide mode on and it still works.

Make Your iPhone Louder with This Trick (IT ACTUALLY WORKS)

Thank you for the tip! I still have an issue with my sleep button that needs to be corrected, and I've replaced the battery one since I purchased the iPhone 5 in November , but at least one of my issues is resolved! Sep 8, 8: OMG thank you thank you thank you!!!! I have to admit I thought you were nuts Thanks again!!!!! Sep 9, 9: I was having the same problem with my new 5c. Found this advice on the internet and it worked!

When you have an incoming call, use the volume button on the left side of the phone. Jun 9, 2: I was so annoyed because of the volume is too low and i cant even hear what my friend was saying yhru the phone.

How Do You Change the Ear Volume for Phone Calls on an iPhone?

Now is loud and clear. Jun 23, 9: Dec 11, 9: Feb 12, 3: I have 6s. Call volume low when I receive a call. Easy answer to correct.

Restart and update

Microphone is at the bottom near the home button. Turn phone upside down so home button is near your ear. Now microphone is closer too and receiver is near your mouth. Try it by recording a note and play it back with phone upside down.