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The handset has had fairly a facelift whenever compared to nearly all other P series devices from Sony Ericsson. Though, the cell is beyond doubt still specialized as a P series phone by those who have several facts of the P series since of the big display, piano, and generally design. The cellphone is framed by a flicked metal grey capsule. The x pixel tap LCD display is not level with the relax of the phone, rather it has been pressed back into the phone somewhat. The centre keys have their numeric purpose in big raw text for simple identification.

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UIQ 3 after the Sony Ericsson P1i launch.

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Music player on the P1i lacks a few features and looks plainer when compared to its Sony Ericsson Walkman cousins, but is still a competent application and with features such as idle screen integration, playlist editing, a collection of preset equalizers and support for album art, measures up well compared to its competitors.

The lack of a 3. The Video application is used for both local and streamed video. It supports a number of MP4 video formats, including the popular H. A nice touch is the bookmark feature which allows you to easily resume a video at a previously saved point at a later time. For those that encode films or other long videos for playback on their phone, this feature will be particularly welcome. Video encoded specifically for mobile usage generally does not have this trouble and streamed video playback performance can be improved by adjusting the application settings.

You can configure the buffer for streaming media extending this can improve performance on lower bandwidth networks and change the video playback characteristics original size, auto fit size and full screen size.

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We covered the camera in part 1 of the review, but its companion application, Picture gallery, also deserves a mention. Basic image browsing is relatively speedy, even with large number of pictures stored in a single folder. The zoom function with an overview thumbnail in the corner is excellent and there is also a built in slideshow feature and basic picture editor. There are a number of other multimedia applications: MusicDJ can be used to mix together a variety of sounds to create your own ringtones.

This is used to identify unknown music from a short audio sample. You record a short sample of music in the Sound recorder application and it is then sent over the air to a recognition server. The server returns a web link which opens a page identifying the music track in question and, if supported by your operator, offering purchase and download links.

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If nothing else, it should prove very handy for impressing people at pub quizzes. Heavier users will need to charge the phone every day, although the included desk stand makes this relatively painless. By default, the P1i has an aggressive key lock and backlight time out 30 seconds. The first of these can be turned off via the Security Locks module of Control panel, but the second cannot be adjusted.

It does save battery life, but may annoy some users.

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Overall, software performance is good with a definite difference between the first and second generation UIQ 3 devices. Many of the bugs that plagued the released version of the Pi were fixed in subsequent firmware updates and this is to the great benefit of the P1i, which is released with a much more stable and mature software base.

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As a consequence, the device is faster in operation, has fewer glitches and no unexpected reboots. Also important is the extra RAM found in the P1i, which means the software is able to multi-task much more effectively.