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Wired options

The wikiHow Tech Team also followed the article's instructions and validated that they work. Learn more Method 1. Look for an HDMI port—which resembles a flat, wide, hexagonal slot—on the side or back of your computer, as well as on the back or side of the TV. Get an HDMI cable.

Hulu Plus & HDMI Out

If you don't already have an HDMI cable for your TV, you can buy one online or in the tech section of most department stores. Attach your computer to your TV. Make sure that the cable's connection is snug for both the computer and the TV. Turn on your TV.

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Press the "Power". Open Hulu on your computer. Go to https: This will open your Hulu page, at which point you can select shows or movies to watch.

Your selected content will play on your TV. If you aren't logged into Hulu, click LOG IN in the upper-right side of the page, then enter your email address and password to log into your account. Method 2. Install your Apple TV if you haven't yet done so. Select the. Select the Search tab. You'll find this in the upper-right side of the screen. If you see the Hulu app icon on the home page of the App Store, select it and then skip to the "Select Install " step.

Search for the Hulu app. Enter hulu into the search box and then select hulu in the drop-down results to do so. Select the Hulu app icon.

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It resembles a white "H" on a lime-green background. This will open the Hulu app page. Open Hulu. Thanks for getting in touch with us. I just went out and bought hdmi cord specifically to watch Hulu from my android tablet on my TV. Only to find what seemed an obvious option Add your answer. Was this answer helpful? Yes No. Only to find what seemed an obvious option does not work.

Hulu for iOS to get HDMI support, overhauled Live TV guide & other changes

For crying out loud! Who cares if I watch Hulu on my device or from the device? What a waste of my time and money. Was this comment helpful?

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This answer closely relates to:. Anonymous "Cord specifically to watch hulu from my android tablet on my tv Anonymous 0.

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How do I play a tv show on my phone to TV. Are you using the mini hdmi cable? I believe Best Buy carries them for around 30 bucks. Irrelevant to the question posed! Suggested Solutions 10 What's this? Anonymous "Things that should be lit up is message on left and those numbers on There could be damage to the box.

My tv has the sound but no picture when on the cable but it has a picture when i put it on hdmi to watch a movie how can i make it so i can see cable? UMMM im pretty stupid when it comes to this stuff I didnt used to be the person to fix things So how would i do that step by step? It is only sending me one word at a time haha this could take all day. Unfortunatly i had the same problem.

I have got a hd cable box to use with my pc to watch my tv on the pc however the one i received has one coaxel cable in and then i have hdmi usb e? Does your droid setup include full mirroring feature on the HDMI out? You need to set it up to see the output. Most phones only show the stock player. Same story Anonymous "Try an adapter to stream it over or look for bluetooth options Try an adapter to stream it over or look for bluetooth options.

I have a hulu account. Anonymous 1. How can u connect a ZTR andrpid to mitsubishi flat screen tv using usb port. How to connect laptop hdmi to set top box hdmi port,how can i watch tv in my lap top using hdmi cable? No because are diferent you laptop must have the port hdmi often you conect with you tv.

Can i watch what is on my lenovo g laptop on my tv with a vga to hdmi cable? Coupled with Hulu's lack of HDR entirely, the service is clearly lagging behind Netflix and Amazon Prime when it comes to streaming technology.

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